officeCUBE, the Unified Communications Appliance


OfficeCUBE is a flexible backoffice server appliance with integrated 10 DDI line telephone and surveillance system in one hardware package.

You can select which appliances you need and only pay for those used. Installing a cheap and reliable server is no problem, you can add the telephone and/or surveillance systems later, and all without the need for a subsequent visit.


Further cost savings are made on software and recurring licence fees. Telephone DDI line setup costs savings are in excess of 50% and call cost savings are from 90%.


The officeCUBE appliance connects to a single UTP network further reducing costs as only one type of cable is used to connect the pcs, telephones and cameras together. No need for more power sockets and electrical cabling or telephone cabling.


With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automated Call Handling, calls to your office are never missed and are directed to desk, mobile or voicemail, plus all email is SPAM and VIRUS checked for security.


How do I do it?

The officeCUBE appliance is one physical platform, eliminating the need for multiple maintenance contracts, which also means you are only dealing with one vendor which will speed up the procurement process. Kit list required to build an OfficeCUBE system:

  • officeCUBE appliance (software FAX can be included)

  • PC/s

  • IP telephone/s

  • Ethernet switch

  • ADSL router

  • Printer/s




OfficeCUBE is a single piece of hardware providing broadband (supplied by us), IP telephones, PCs and a printer and that's it, your office is ready to go.


OfficeCUBE enables companies to present a professional corporate image to customers whilst saving money. Starting up a business or moving office can be daunting and time consuming, liaising with the various suppliers required to get your email, blackberry, fax, telephones, printers and PCs working, let alone communicating together efficiently as one system. The officeCUBE concept aims to address this by simplifying what you need to get up and running.


The officeCUBE appliance provides the ability to synchronise your email across your PC, laptop and mobile phone, that is Blackberry like functionality with no fees to be paid to Blackberry or us for that matter, of course you will have to pay the data costs of your mobile provider but we can help get you a price plan which includes data in it.


All your files can be shared and also your printers. Even better your data and emails are all virus and spam protected with free daily updates. The officeCUBE system has the highest levels of security built in, with three independant firewalls protecting the system. Remote workers can also have “extensions” at home so they can literally work as if they were in the office, making both hours and personnel flexible to suit the needs of your business.


Finally, the officeCUBE appliance provides added security to your business premises with a surveillance and monitoring system capable of the highest quality recording and playback of triggered alarms and events. The system's images can be viewed remotely from any internet connect computer and even from your mobile phone.



  • email

  • file and print sharing

  • web application server

  • secure remote access

  • firewall

  • redundant disks, RAID 1 and RAID 5

  • 10 incoming DDI lines

  • unlimited telephone extensions

  • branch office support

  • call centre features

  • PSTN and VoIP ready

  • auto attendant

  • supports video, usb and IP cameras

  • record and playback

  • alarms and alerts via email or sms